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  Our spirituality defines our humanity

The Science
 of our Spirituality

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Spirituality is not something that we acquire. It is the nature of our being. It defines our divinity and our humanity. In it, we find our riches, our integrity, and our economy; our joy, our peace, our power, and our love.


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And I John saw the holy city, new
Jerusalem, coming down from God out
of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned
for her husband.
Revelation 21:2

This 'city' is divine Science; the science
of our spirituality.


God is Love

More that this we cannot ask,
higher we cannot look'
farther we cannot go.

Mary Baker Eddy


The pioneers tell us that our spirituality is the gift of God, or of Life itself; a gift that makes us the brightest stars in the universe - more royal than all the royalty which ever existed. Shouldn't we therefore explore our spirituality and embrace it, and so, cherish more fully what is already the reality of our being?

Spirituality is the foundation for our existence. If some evil power were to eradicate humanity's spirituality, 99% of all people living today on this planet would lack the resources to survive. Fortunately, our spirituality cannot be withdrawn or be eradicated. Nevertheless, we can can deny its existence. But instead of denying it, shouldn't we rather develop this treasure, and in the process develop what fundamentally defines us as human beings?

Except, what is spirituality?

Research articles on discovery and sublimity

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How can we Develop our Spirituality?

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What can be achieved with a highly developed spirituality?
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Healing accomplishments in celebrating God


Rudimental aspects of the science of our spirituality

Level 1 - Fundamental Aspects

Level 2 - Daily Bible Lessons
powerhouse for healing

Level 3 - Global Partitioning

Comparing the Levels

Level 4 - Healing, Platform

Level 5 - Advanced Structures

Level 6 - Glossary Structure

Level 6 - Global Interrelationships

Level 7 - The degree CSD

 featuring free e- books, audio books, novels, photography, poetry

Two special focus sites on spirituality for healing and peace,

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I have seen thy face as though I have seen the face of God?

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Development Resources

Discovering Infinity

The Power of Gratitude




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